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STEIN OMEGA-20mm Spliced Sling 5m with Friction Ring Insert

STEIN OMEGA-20mm Spliced Sling 5m with Friction Ring Insert

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Stein Omega-20 Spliced Sling with Friction Ring

Low friction rings are an extremely versatile and lighter alternative to a standard rigging block; low friction rings are not designed to replace blocks where free running or continuous adjustment under load are required. manufactured from specially engineered high-grade aluminum and coated with a hard anodizing which delivers an extremely smooth, low friction finish. A deep rope groove ensures the spliced rigging line is protected within the ring's outer diametre.

Ring Dimensions: Outer Dia = 90mm / Inner Dia = 28mm / Material = Aluminium

These Low Friction Rings are spliced into a STEIN OMEGA Rigging line which has a 32-plait polyester sheath that offers a high resistant to abrasion and combined with a braided high tenacity core provides for a tough but high-strength lowering line. The balanced core/cover polyester construction offers performance and durability when needed. OMEGA has a fully torque-balanced construction which helps eliminate twists; UV-resistant polyester construction for outdoor use and the supple braid aids handling running smoothly through common Rigging Hardware.

Free Shipping on all orders over $175 🚚

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