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Oval Supersafe Karabiner

Oval Supersafe Karabiner

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Oval Supersafe Karabiner 

SKU: SS-4922176003

The Off-Set Oval karabiner weighs 86 grams and is rated with an impressive breaking strength of 25Kn.  Its shape works well with both standard and advanced hitch systems especially when climbing with a hitch-advancing pulley (SKYWALKER PRO & SKYWALKER).  The rounded basket and crotch balance the load centrally through the body of the karabiner. Additional care should be taken to avoid side loading good for use on climbing lines up to 13mm.


As part of your climbing system, any karabiners should be visually and manually inspected before use and after any significant incident e.g. a fall, to ensure they work as intended. Any maintenance including cleaning should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you are in any way concerned about the condition or action of the karabiner you should retire it from use immediately. 

Free Shipping on all orders over $175 🚚

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