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BeaverCraft SC05 Woodcarving Set With Palm Chisels

BeaverCraft SC05 Woodcarving Set With Palm Chisels

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BeaverCraft SC05 Woodcarving Set With Palm Chisels

SKU = SC05

  • A set of 6 palm-chisels
  • Ready to use right out of the box
  • Perfect gift for woodcarving lovers
  • Ergonomic handles will allow hours of comfortable woodworking
  • Weight - 0.42 kg
Palm carving tools from BeaverCraft are versatile hand tools used for shaping, smoothing, finishing, contouring, carving intricate designs, creating joints, notching, mortising, sculpting, and detailing in woodworking.

By purchasing our BeaverCraft SC05 palm gouges kit, you will receive a large selection of gouge chisels, which will allow you to choose the best option for certain types of woodwork.

The BeaverCraft SC05 set includes six palm carving tools of various blade shapes and curves. The capabilities of the tool and the range of whittling projects embodied by it depend on the design and shape of the cutting edge and blade. Every crafter who works with wood and is passionate about wood carving will want to have these wood carving gouges in their arsenal. This set of tools will become your indispensable assistant for the realization of various wood carving designs. 

Each palm tool you see in this SC05 carving set is designed for a specific purpose. Such a kit will help you enjoy wood carving, work with wood more creatively, and implement new wood carving ideas.

What do you get?

  • P5/12 – Palm-Handled Wood Carving Gouge (Sweep #5): For rough removal of large material in flat wood (relief carving) and suitable for chip carving and intricate patterns.
  • P8/08 – Palm-Handled Wood Carving Gouge (Sweep #8): For wood removal, chip carving, crafting detailed patterns and textures, including scales and eyes.
  • P8a/14 – Palm-Handled Short Bent Carving Gouge (Sweep #8): For carving kuksas and spoons and scooping out wood.
  • P9/10 – Palm-Handled Wood Carving Gouge (Sweep #9): For detailed wood removal, pattern and texture creation, and chip carving.
  • P12/02 – Palm-Handled Wood Carving V-Tool (Sweep #12): For creating texture, detailing figures, carving grooves, and contouring.
  • P1/04 – Palm-Handled Straight Carving Chisel (Sweep #1): For finishing touches, carving ornaments, contouring, and background detailing.

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