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BeaverCraft S16 - Whittling Wood Knives Kit

BeaverCraft S16 - Whittling Wood Knives Kit

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  • This set is suitable for both beginners and experienced woodworkers.
  • There is no need to look for other sets - you have already found the one for you.

Kits for creativity, especially sets for carving various figures out of wood, are a great way to have fun. A handmade carved craft can become a child's favorite toy, a nice souvenir, or interior detail.

But very often, a beginner who does not know all the nuances of wood carving (which tool to choose, which wood to prefer for the first projects) is faced with many issues that can completely discourage the desire to master a new hobby.
By purchasing the BeaverCraft S16 Starter Whittling Knives Kit, every wood carving enthusiast receives top-class and reliable wood carving tools. The content of the set will please any carver, regardless of experience. There are five excellent quality whittling basswood blocks for your wood carving experiments and two professional knives (a whittling knife for cutting small figures and caricatures and a chip carving knife for delicate wood cutting techniques).

The premium quality of the tools is achieved because, at the earliest stages of manufacturing, the design team identifies and eliminates all possible errors. The company's engineers do not create tools just for fun wood carving. They take into account new concepts and the best technical solutions. The main advantages of the BeaverCraft tools kits are quality, efficiency, safety, and availability.

Since its foundation, the brand constantly strives towards a single goal - making the best wood carving tools, whittling kits, and accessories for all people with a passion and interest in woodcarving.

The handles of the tools in this set are very comfortable and easy to work with. You will be able to carve for a very long time without feeling tired.
With this set, you will be able to fully enjoy the wood carving process.
This set includes everything you need - not only carbon knives but also wooden blocks out of basswood.

C6 – Chip Carving Knife

  • Total length – 155 mm (6.10 inches)
  • Length of the cutting edge – 25 mm (1 inch)
  • Handle length – 120 mm (4.72 inches)
  • Handle material – Ashwood

C15 – Detail Wood Carving Knife

  • Total length – 155 mm (6.10 inches)
  • Blade length – 35 mm (1.37 inches)
  • Handle length – 115 mm (4.53 inches)
  • Handle material – Ashwood

Basswood wooden blocks dimensions:

  • 1 piece – 2.0 x 2.0 x 3.9 inches
  • 4 pieces – 1.0 x 1.0 x 3.9 inches

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