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BeaverCraft S05 - Chip Wood Carving Knives Set

BeaverCraft S05 - Chip Wood Carving Knives Set

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  • A set of 4 tools
  • Designed for geometric woodcarving
  • A tool roll is included
  • Perfect for professionals and beginners

Geometric or chip wood carving is a whole art that anyone can try to discover. The BeaverCraft S05 wood carving kit will be a perfect opportunity for a skilled wood carver to get into chip carving. And for a beginner, chip carving can become a great starting point in mastering various carving techniques. 

Intricate wood carving, the geometry of patterns that strikes with beauty and sophistication, requires appropriate carving tools. Tools that are convenient, reliable, and show high performance. These are the top-tier wood carving tools you get if you try our BeaverCraft S05 Geometric Carving Knives Set. 

This versatile knife kit will effectively cope with any carving task and design: they are convenient for cutting, removing small chips, and carving various geometric patterns in the wood. The knives from this set are distinguished by their laconic design and first-class materials used for production. They are razor-sharp and well-balanced knives that fit comfortably in your hand and bring real pleasure when you're doing the carving. Everything is neatly thought out and packaged in a convenient and reliable canvas tool roll.

Free Shipping on all orders over $175 🚚

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