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BeaverCraft S01X Wood Carving Hobby Tool Set for Spoon Carving

BeaverCraft S01X Wood Carving Hobby Tool Set for Spoon Carving

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Exclusive hook and sloyd knives with walnut handles. In genuine leather case. Individual sheathes and high-quality honing accessories are included.

  • Perfect for carving rounded objects
  • Comes with a leather strop and polishing compound
  • Perfect gift for woodcarving lovers
  • Comes in a beautiful leather case
  • Made in the Ukraine

The Beavercraft S01X Spoon Carving Set consists of Spoon Carving Knives for making wooden spoons, cups and bowls from Beavercraft.

  • Hook or spoon knife with a curved blade, RIGHT HANDED
  • Whittling knife with high carbon steel blade
  • leather strop with rouge for stropping

Each Knife comes with a leather blade cover. Furthermore, the beautiful leather case presents the entire set, ensuring your tools remain safe from damage.

Beavercraft is a European company specialising in tools for spoon carvers and woodworkers, developing their own range of tools and kits. The blades are in high carbon steel, in Walnut handles and finished in a traditional way with linseed oil.

The kit also includes a leather strop and rouge for stropping the blades during use to keep them sharp longer between sharpening

Right handed vs left handed hook knife:

Additionally, the hook knife features a curved and sharpened edge on one side only, allowing you to safely place your thumb on the top. This set is for a right handed person.  When holding the hook knife in the right hand, you can safely place your right thumb on the spine of the blade. (Doing this with the left hand would mean you place your thumb on the sharp cutting edge, generally not a good idea

Free Shipping on all orders over $175 🚚

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